The intricacies and etiquette of caviar eating have long been a topic for discussion.
Some believe traditionally the “right way” to eat caviar is on its own and always in small quantities, certainly no more than a tablespoon, enabling you to savour every mouthful for that uniquely subtle but lingering creamy flavour.
More recently over the years, we see a change in how caviar is enjoyed and how diversly it is included in dishes throughout the restaurant industry. Servings are much larger and generous in their size and have become a frequent feature in many a fine dining restaurant.

In this guide, we go back to the ‘simplicity’ and ‘grassroots’ of experiencing caviar.
Maison Prunier is an institution in the world of caviar. In 2020, it celebrated 100 years of production of precious black gold in France, of which Émile Prunier was the very first promoter in the early 1920s. Discover 5 facts about the Manufacture Prunier that have marked its history and that of French caviar.
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