The art of French caviar by Prunier

In the middle of several hectares of preserved land on the edge of Isle, one of the tributaries of the Dordogne, in Montpon-Ménestérol near Bordeaux, the Prunier Manufacture continues its traditional heritage by producing its caviar in a totally controlled environment.

To obtain a “perfect” caviar, the Manufacture breeds two sturgeons: the acipenser baerii and the acipenser gueldenstaedtii. Transforming these eggs into caviar requires careful preparation according to a know-how developed 100 years ago by the Prunier house.

5 facts about the Manufacture Prunier
Did you know that ...?

1 . Prunier is one of the main caviar producers in the world

The Prunier Manufacture is the only farm in France to raise its sturgeons from its own fry and to produce its own caviar sold under its brand. 


2 . In 1994, the Manufacture Prunier became the first producer to obtain caviar from farmed sturgeons.

It created a sustainable and safe alternative for endangered species in the Caspian Sea. Today, the grain selection process as well as the recipes of the Prunier Manufacture, make it possible to produce caviars with very different flavours.


3 . It was in 2010 that Prunier Manufacture launched the first Oscietra fry, the acipenser gueldenstaedtii.

Since then, it has bred them with great care and patience ... Today L'Osciètre Prunier seduces you with its charcoal-brown colour and the shiny appearance of its grains. On the palate, it is characterised by the typical salting of Plum tree which gives it a subtle, pleasantly salty and nutty taste.


4. Revealing the flavour of caviar is an absolute art for Prunier

The flavour of caviar has rarely been presented as its main attraction as it continues to evolve even after packaging. It is therefore difficult for simple importers to guarantee a taste unless they open the tins!
And yet the notes drafted in 1932 by Alexander Scott, the caviar expert from Maison Prunier behind the first French caviar, show that the little importance given to taste in relation to size and colour was already up for debate. At the time, he even proposed to educate consumers, to teach them to appreciate the wonderful diversity of aromas that caviar offers and not just to admire its appearance.
It is this heritage of taste that the Prunier Manufacture perpetuates today, with five French caviars from ascipenser baerii sturgeon.


5 . Maison Prunier offers 5 recipes revealing 5 great caviars 

Such as great wines, the specific flavours and fragrances of the 5 Prunier caviars are obtained according to the different degrees of maturation, the age of the fish and the preparation techniques, which vary according to processes developed for decades by the Manufacture.

Caviar Prunier "Tradition"
Firm and dark, this caviar with finesse and unique characteristics, represents the archetypal Prunier caviar, with a pronounced nutty taste that is increasingly appreciated. It gives off very frank, generous aromas of nuts and almonds, and has a good length in the mouth.

Caviar Prunier "Paris"
In order to appreciate all its subtleties, Paris caviar with large amber grains is consumed very quickly after preparation. This freshness is explained by the very small amount of salt used: the lighter the salting, the more volatile the aromas of the caviar. Thanks to this short maturation, the eggs retain a more concentrated fragrance. its subtle and creamy character gives it an aromatic complexity and a unique texture. Added to this a unique freshness which enhances the pleasure of tasting this rare product. Paris caviar is only available a few weeks a year, during the spring and autumn fishing periods.

"Saint-James" Prunier Caviar
Historically produced since 1932 for the inauguration of the Prunier restaurant on St James Street in London, Saint-James is the archetype of a great Prunier Caviar. Prepared with exceptional salt of Iranian origin, it reaches perfect maturation two months after fishing. This very bold, racy and highly earthy caviar has a generous attack and a superb flavour on the palate even once it's been devoured. An extraordinary caviar.

Caviar Prunier "Malossol"
This specific caviar also called "pure salt" is a caviar with a deep black coarse grain and powerful aromas. It is very rich with an interminable linger of flavour on the palate. This “distinctive, rich and concentrated” caviar is particularly appreciated by demanding connoisseurs.

Caviar Prunier "Héritage"
Only 2% of the Prunier production deserves to be chosen for the Héritage selection. This exceptional product is distinguished by its large clear grains but also by its subtle earthy notes. It is complex and lingers on the palate. The creamy texture is mainly due to the careful selection of the oldest fish and its unique preparation according to the Persian method. 

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