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Prunier Saint James

Prunier Saint James
Prunier Saint James
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Produced using traditional Persian methods, this caviar made its debut at the grand opening of the Prunier Restaurant in Saint James’s Street in London in 1932.

Low salt content, perfectly ripened. The Saint James selection was specially produced to meet the tastes of high-ranking guests, such as royalty and heads of state, who frequented the Prunier Restaurant in Saint James’s in London.


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  • Unique expertise

    The birth of exceptional caviar… In the midst of several hectares of land on the banks of the Dordogne near Bordeaux, the Prunier factory produces its caviar with its unique expertise in a fully controlled environment.
    Our experts select the best sturgeon, Acipenser Baeri, originating from Siberia which can reach up to 3 metres long and can weigh several hundred kilos. This sturgeon grows particularly well in captivity and produces its caviar after 8 years. From the spawning period to when they grow into small fish, our experts take constant care of our sturgeon kept in natural water from the Isle river, a tributary of the Dordogne.As soon as the caviar master estimates the ideal fishing date, he uses salting technique developed over 86 years ago, to obtain exceptional caviar.

    Caviar House & Prunier guarantees a constant quality of caviar by managing every step of the production process, from fishing the sturgeon to tasting the caviar.

    Passion for life. Obsession with excellence.
  • The origins…

    Guardian of traditions
    In 1925 Emile Prunier opened the "Prunier" restaurant on Victor Hugo avenue at the corner of rue Traktir. Already known for La Madeleine in rue Duphot created by his father in 1872, the establishment soon became the prestigious place to eat caviar and a favourite meeting place for seafood lovers.

    After the FirstWorldWar, it became difficult to export Russian caviar. It was during an unexpected meeting with Mr Blanc that Emile Prunier discovered the presence of sturgeon in the Gironde and met his future caviar master, originally from Russia, Alexander Scott. Thanks to its new production of Prunier caviar, theMaison Prunier became known worldwide and its success benefited the entire capital.

    135 years later, Caviar House & Prunier continue this tradition by putting all of its expertise into the service of taste.

    Artisan of the future
  • Introduced for the first time in 1932 for the opening of the Prunier restaurant on St. James Street in London. Low salt content perfectly matured after two months.

    The production of Saint James caviar was guided by the taste of such noble clientele as kings, queens and heads of state at the Prunier restaurant in London.