"Proud to manufacture the finest caviar and smoked salmon in the world" This is the title of our new campaign for 2012 and 2013.
It is quite bold as slogans go, and some would say even arrogant.
So why do we risk being perceived as arrogant?

Quite simply, when it comes to Balik salmon we have spent more than 30 years perfecting our art. We spend every day making sure we have the finest raw fish imaginable. We don’t allow the slightest imperfection in our end products and nothing leaves our production if it does not comply with our strict and extremely high quality standards.

When it comes to caviar, we spend 10 years in bringing our sturgeons to maturity, ensuring their welfare and well-being every day of the year. We never take the roe unless it has reached perfection for the preparation of the highest quality caviar. Our Prunier caviar is processed and salted to the highest standards possible using recipes that are several hundred years old from a time when farmed caviar was the closely guarded secret of a few caviar masters in the caviar city of Astrakhan in Russia.

The values in our company as a whole focus on absolute sustainability and ecological responsibility. Both our Balik and Prunier production facilities live up to a very high environmental standard that tolerates no exceptions. Over the years, we have succeeded in raising the quality bar with our Balik salmon and Prunier caviar to levels that many companies and producers try to copy, but with little success. In most cases they forget that in order to manufacture a high-quality product, whatever it might be, it takes passion before know-how. You need to genuinely love what you do. The kind of love and passion where success is never taken for granted. The kind of love and passion where you question yourself and your level of quality on a daily basis.

These are the reasons for which we can comfortably state that we are indeed proud to manufacture the finest caviar and smoked salmon in the world.