Beluga Vodka Transatlantic

Beluga Vodka Transatlantic
Content: 0.7 l (₤77.14 / 1 l)

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FOR CROWNING SUCCESSES. For demanding connoisseurs with limitless passion for excellency,...more
Product information of Beluga Vodka Transatlantic

FOR CROWNING SUCCESSES. For demanding connoisseurs with limitless passion for excellency, innovations, and great longing for freedom. BELUGA Transatlantic Racing Vodka convinces with its unique-elegant nature: The special combination of barley malt and fruity strawberry extracts provide for a very light and fresh taste without a burning finish. High-quality ingredients, most meticulous handicraft, the passion for every detail, as well as continuous quality checks distinguish all BELUGA vodkas. Finest, natural ingredients: Unique barley malt spirit and crystal clear water from Siberian springs that receives an additional filtering by finest siliceous sand and silver. After a triple distillation, strawberry extracts are added. Then the vodka can mature for 30 days. The taste: unusually complex, multifaceted, and particularly fresh in its aftertaste – without a burning finish. It is especially its complexity that predestines BELUGA to be relished pure or as a vodka-martini. Being round, full-bodied, and pure, it is the crowning of the meal, the ideal companion for caviar and blinis.

In a leather gift box.

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