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Balik Candle
The world-renowned Balik salmon from the Toggenburg region is launching its signature fragrance. It does not smell of salmon, but harmonises perfectly with it. It evokes fresh Swiss alpine air, our on-site spring water and the quality of the firewood – the important components used to produce Ba...
Beluga Baeri
This extraordinary caviar selection is the result of crossing Acipenser Baerii and Huso Huso, also known as the Beluga sturgeon. The rich aroma of this excellent caviar is very complex ans results in a long incomparable taste.   Nutrition facts...
Beluga Transatlantic Vodka in a leather gift box
Beluga Transatlantic Racing special edition vodka is inspired by the success of the Russian sailing team that flies BELUGA sails in yachting competitions in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.  ...
Caviar : A history of desire - by Peter G. Rebeiz
The untold history of the exotic and enchanted world of caviar, from the court of Peter the Great to the state-of-the-art production of today. All told for the first time by one of the caviar industry's most celebrated authorities....
Caviar House Champagne Rosé
Champagne has been part of the art of French living for three hundred years. It lent its elegance to frivolous 18th century parties, romantic 21st century evenings and was part of the fanciful world of the Belle Époque. Even today it plays a part in all special occasions. This vintage with a ver...
Love 2017 - Yves Saint Laurent
Caviar House & Prunier invites you to share the new edition of the LOVE Collection caviar tins, inspired by one of the famous designer’s self-made greeting cards. Since 1970, Yves Saint Laurent, the French fashion designer, made it a tradition of celebrating and sharing his love through the crea...
Recipe Book - Summer 2016
Is there anything more precious than sharing an experience with a loved one? Keeping with the old saying, "The way to the heart is through the stomach," I invite you to discover a new set of recipes, specially created to complement our Prunier and Caviar House Finest Selection caviars, as well as ou...
Recipe Book - Winter 2016-2017 by Feine PrivatHotels
Is there anything more appealing to the senses than cooking and dining together? I doubt it. Which is why I want this book to help you escape to another world - a world in which you can allow your own interpretation of enjoyment to become reality. This world that I long to introduce you to i...
Set of 6 horn spoons in a case
Some dishes, such as soft boiled egg or caviar, must not be served with metal or silver spoons. Cutlery made from natural materials such as horn or mother-of-pearl, it's the perfect alternative to avoid distorting the taste of the products due to oxidation....