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Finest Caviar by Caviar House

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Beluga - Finest Caviar
Its unusually large, light grey grain has got a very thin membrane and a distinctively creamy, lasting taste. Farmed Caviar   Nutrition facts...
Love 2017 - Yves Saint Laurent
Caviar House & Prunier invites you to share the new edition of the LOVE Collection caviar tins, inspired by one of the famous designer’s self-made greeting cards. Since 1970, Yves Saint Laurent, the French fashion designer, made it a tradition of celebrating and sharing his love through the crea...
Oscietra - Finest Caviar
This caviar selection comes from a middleaged Oscietra and has a full-bodied grain. Its colour varies from dark to light brown and its taste will remind you of hazelnut flavours. Farmed caviar   Nutrition facts  ...
Qiandao Premium
This selection of caviar is the fruit of the hybridisation of two sturgeons indigenous to the Amur River, on the northern border between China and Russia. This sturgeon is now raised in the crystalline waters of Lake Qiandao, "the thousand islands lake" in the heart of the Huangshan Mountains. ...