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Darroze Bas Armagnac 1981
Darroze Bas Armagnac 1981
Nice golden color with red tints. The nose is very seductive thanks to the aromas like candied fruits, chocolate, brown tobacco and licorice. Superb.The palate is rich, also very complex in aromas: orange peel, prune, cinnamon, pepper....
Inhalt 0.7 l (505,71 ₤ / 1 l)
354,00 ₤ /0.7 l
Darroze Grand Assemblage 8 Year Old
Darroze Grand Assemblage 8 Year Old
Vanilla toffee, sweetened cream and lots of zesty lemon. There is a feisty youthfulness to the nose, but with sweet and rounded notes in place to provide balance – sultanas, light fruit cake and brown sugar. A well balanced young...
Inhalt 0.7 l (197,14 ₤ / 1 l)
138,00 ₤ /0.7 l
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