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Armagnac, Domaine d'Aurensan 1977
Armagnac, Domaine d'Aurensan 1977
The beautiful strong antique gold color is bright and clear. The warm nose opens to a unique aromatic range. The toasted and spicy notes, such as cloves, prevail over the fruits. The finish is subtly liquorice, with a hint of gentian. A...
Inhalt 0.5 l (840,00 ₤ / 1 l)
420,00 ₤ /0.5 l
Armagnac, Domaine d'Aurensan 1961
Armagnac, Domaine d'Aurensan 1961
Splendid deep amber colour, with mahogany reflections.. On the nose, a great aromatic richness, almost exuberant. It is powerful, intense, expressive around aromas of prune, candied orange, nuts, smoked tea. On the palate, a very...
Inhalt 0.5 l (1.500,00 ₤ / 1 l)
750,00 ₤ /0.5 l
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